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06 dec

“It’s Not an Even Playing Field”: Female Cinematographers Are Breaking Down One of Hollywood’s Biggest Remaining Gender Gaps

december 6, 2022 | By | No Comments

Women behind the camera in the film and television industries, still hold one of the largest gender gaps. Europe has better representation compared to USA and other countries but not by much. The needle is moving slowly. Wift Tech is an initiative founded by Sweden’s wift member, Alejandra Zarazúa, a cinematographer who moved to Sweden from Mexico and London. To break into the industry as a cinematographer is challenging to say the least when teams are often closed and networking in Scandi industry spaces, is tricky to navigate if you are an outsider to the landscape.

Alejandra reflected that she cannot be the only professional cinematographer or/and camera operator outside of the Nordics and after talking to others in her field, she founded WIFT TECH, a program that is under WIFT Sweden, to help established female cinematographers enter the Swedish film and television industry by sharing network and knowledge.

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